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US-2007041548-A1: Automatic voice system integration patent, US-2007085988-A1: Wafer edge exposure method in semiconductor photolithographic processes, and orientation flatness detecting system provided with a WEE apparatus patent, US-2007101053-A1: Information recording apparatus and information recording method patent, US-2007124426-A1: Internet device providing quality and link information patent, US-2007164736-A1: Magnetometer with open magnetic circuit and production method thereof patent, US-2007172275-A1: Blade brush cleaner patent, US-2007181082-A1: Method of assessing the performance of a steam generator patent, US-2007211917-A1: Obstacle tracking apparatus and method patent, US-2007213120-A1: Method, system and program product for processing transaction data patent, US-2007230958-A1: Method and System for Maintenance of a Passive Optical Network patent, US-2007247833-A1: Backlight unit for liquid crystal display patent, US-2007252349-A1: Rear wheel suspension device for two-wheel vehicle patent, US-2008006123-A1: Hand tool with adjustable handle patent, US-2008010714-A1: Body Shaping Wear patent, US-2008017199-A1: Regulation For Use In Cold Water patent, US-2008056410-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting information, and reproducing apparatus, receiving apparatus and recording medium for the information, and transmission data thereof patent, US-2008066062-A1: System and method for performing code completion with an extensible compiler framework in an integrated development environment patent, US-2008067862-A1: Trailer brake system patent, US-2008068833-A1: Focus-adjustable LED flashlight patent, US-2008088919-A1: Illumination device for a microscope patent, US-2008102039-A1: Betamethasone spray patent, US-2008109995-A1: Opening-closing device patent, US-2008110675-A1: Rock Drilling Device and Rock Drilling Rig Incorporating A Pressure Cylinder For Feeding The Drilling Machine patent, US-2008112215-A1: Storage element and memory patent, US-2008131726-A1: Multilayer hard coating for tools patent, US-2008149278-A1: Method and Device for Heat-Sealing Windows Into Folding Carton Blanks patent, US-2008166055-A1: Symbol Recognition Method patent, US-2008169225-A1: Device for classifying products patent, US-2008204962-A1: Surge absorber patent, US-2008224055-A1: Radiation detecting system patent, US-2008261570-A1: Radio Communication Apparatus and Method of Control patent, US-2008266316-A1: Color processing apparatus and method thereof patent, US-2008320544-A1: Hardware-implemented video broadcasting receiver patent, US-2009010737-A1: Integrated hard cover production method and device patent, US-2009012192-A1: Low Scorching Flame Retardants for Colored Polyurethane Foams patent, US-2009029753-A1: Game apparatus, game control method, game control program, and recording medium for recording the same patent, US-2009033235-A1: System & Method for Current and/or Temperature Control of Light Fixtures patent, US-2009059637-A1: Inverter device having separated module terminal patent, US-2009066967-A1: Method of measuring micro-structure, micro-structure measurement apparatus, and micro-structure analytical system patent, US-2009067397-A1: Procedure for wireless network management and station supporting the procedure patent, US-2009070118-A1: Audio coding and decoding patent, US-2009078911-A1: Chlorine dioxide generating composition patent, US-2009102491-A1: Multiport test-set for switch module in network analyzer patent, US-2009116655-A1: Adaptive filter calculation method and sound field generating device patent, US-2009134814-A1: Backlight unit, display device comprising the same, and control method thereof patent, US-2009148324-A1: Variable displacement vane pump patent, US-2009196021-A1: Dual mode luminous ball pen patent, US-2009220286-A1: Cleaning device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2009260488-A1: Tie rod adjustment open-end wrench patent, US-2009266417-A1: Dye sensitized solar cell patent, US-2009270644-A1: Base agent for electrical insulating oil patent, US-2009270915-A1: Portable chiropractic adjustor patent, US-2009287568-A1: Method for providing daily dynamic visual information on beverage sleeves and/or cups patent, US-2009300142-A1: Method and service in a public network for doing mutual business patent, US-2009302487-A1: Wastewater treatment system and method of using same patent, US-2009315480-A1: Brightness-adjustable led driving circuit patent, US-2009322239-A1: Induction lamp lighting device and illumination apparatus patent, US-2010007475-A1: Video reproduction apparatus and method for providing haptic effects patent, US-2010024046-A1: Methods and systems for detecting a lateral intrusion of a secure electronic component enclosure patent, US-2010039807-A1: Led lamp assembly patent, US-2003146054-A1: Self-lubrication cable assembly patent, US-2003163754-A1: Width upgrade for a scalable switching network patent, US-2003164808-A1: Display system for producing a virtual image patent, US-2003184151-A1: Device and method for adjusting a setpoint deceleration of a vehicle patent, US-2003195435-A1: Method and apparatus for collecting and transporting capillary blood samples for diagnostic and research evaluation patent, US-2003196821-A1: Cover assembly for a concealed sprinkler head patent, US-2003214701-A1: Optical fiber system patent, US-2004000467-A1: Navigation switch assembly patent, US-2004005980-A1: Folder apparatus with transverse loading patent, US-2004014812-A1: Remedies for keratoconjunctival diseases containing farnesyl acetate as the active ingredient patent, US-2004026646-A1: Fuel Injection patent, US-2004026698-A1: Surface-emitting type light-emitting diode and fabrication method thereof patent, US-2004030536-A1: Method and apparatus for improved inspection and classification of attributes of a workpiece patent, US-2004031635-A1: Lubrication system for a four cycle engine patent, US-2004071922-A1: Versatile printable sheet for forming jewel case inserts and booklets patent, US-2004072503-A1: Dual mode hybrid control and method for CMP slurry patent, US-2004112180-A1: Manually-powered drive device and assembly patent, US-2004112648-A1: Drill blades for drill bit patent, US-2004116237-A1: Seven-speed planetary transmission patent, US-2004128337-A1: Extended precision integer divide algorithm patent, US-2004148370-A1: System and method for composing, configuring, deploying, and managing services using a graphical user interface patent, US-2004149959-A1: Conductive flakes manufactured by combined sputtering and vapor deposition patent, US-2004155843-A1: EL display driver and EL display patent, US-2004157655-A1: Game software and game machine patent, US-2004162344-A1: Medical preparation for paternal injection patent, US-2004167366-A1: Process for purifying hydrofluoropropanes patent, US-2004178130-A1: Filter for use in a flowing viscous medium patent, US-2004193505-A1: Sales support device patent, US-2004215225-A1: Lancet device and case therefor patent, US-2004223934-A1: Soluble skin layer, scalp with hair and model head made thereof patent, US-2004230511-A1: Global sales by referral network patent, US-2004239463-A1: Variable inductor patent, US-2004239824-A1: Liquid crystal display having aligned pixel electrodes and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2004262559-A1: Fluid control apparatus patent, US-2005007779-A1: Imitation flame generating apparatus and method patent, US-2005030476-A1: Trial lenses patent, US-2005041678-A1: Dynamic translation between data network-based protocol in a data-packet-network and interactive voice response functions of a telephony network patent, US-2005072266-A1: Planetary system workpiece support and method for surface treatment of workpieces patent, US-2005073289-A1: Power supply apparatus patent, US-2005081893-A1: Method of cleaning surfaces in contact with a fluid flow patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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